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Onion Creek Ballrooms Features and Services

At Onion Creek Ballroom we prepare our rooms with Elegance, a safe, comfortable and stylish event in mind

Maximum Service - Lavish Style
We have styled our ballrooms making available 3 different venues for your event - All based on the number of people attending the event with no reduction in Class, Style and Elegance.  And we are here to assist you in preparing for your event as well as service during your party.
What we provide - What we recommend
We Provide:

*  Lavishly decorated ballrooms
*  Spacious amenities for guests
*  Fully stocked pay-as-you go bar
*  Discount if you pre-purchase drink tickets
*  Separate area for dressing
*  Safe, secure and clean environment
*  Outstanding Value and moderate price
*  3Hr of decorations on Thursday before their event
*  The day of the event runs from 4:30Pm - 12:00am
*  A request for additional hours not to exceed 2hrs on the day of the event is offered
*  Two Travis county sheriff officers at each ballroom
*  Two waiters which are responsible for cleaning throughout the event
*  Two bartenders
*  1 host monitoring the door entrance in the event that invitations are required
*  All the tables and Chairs are included (cake table, event tables, and book sign in table)
*  All the cleaning is included-Leave it to us!
*  A serving area is provided for each ballroom with stainless steel tables and staging area.
Outside Services:

*  Bands, DJ's and other sound equipment
*  Caterer - we provide space to serve from
*  Cakes, party supplies, linens
*  Linen Services
*  Dresses and Formal wear
*  Photographer
*  Decorators
*  Table decorations
*  Bring a caterer of your choice
*  Bring a decorator of your choice