Our Services

At Onion Creek Ballroom we prepare our rooms with
a safe, elegant, comfortable, and stylish event in mind.

Our Services

Lavishly Decorated Ballrooms

Our beautiful ballrooms can be transformed to fit any event. They are spacious with lots of room for multiple services and guests.

Included with Event

All tables and chairs (ex. cake table, event tables, and book sign-in table). All the cleaning is included, leave it to us! A serving area is provided for each ballroom.

Bar Services

We can provide you with a pay-as-you go bar.

Event Preparation

3 hours of decoration setup on Thursday before event. The day of the event runs from 4:30pm – 12:00am. A request for additional hours not to exceed 1 hour on the day of the event is offered.

Dressing Areas

We provide a separate area for dressing and a safe, secure, and clean environment.

Additional Staff

2 Travis County Sheriff officers at each ballroom, 2 waiters responsible for clean-up throughout event, 2 bartenders, 1 host monitoring the entrance (if invitations are required).

Elite Vendor

Party Fascinations works with us and provides their incredible services to a number of our clients. We highly recommend them and know they can be a great addition to your event as well!

Additional Services

Below are additional services provided by Party Fascinations. Contact them today for more information.

Dresses & Formal wear

For a uniformed and elegant look for any event.


To help setup and bring your event ideas to life. You can also choose a decorator of your choice.


We can recommend great catering services and also provide a space to serve from. You can also choose a caterer of your choice.

Linen Services

For table linen colors and setup.

Cakes, Party Supplies, & Linens

We highly recommend Party Fascinations as they have provided many great services for past clients.


To capture the best moments of your incredible day.

Bands, DJ’s, & Other Sound Equipment

We can provide any entertainment needs that you may have.

Table Decorations

For creation of centerpieces, napkin designs, and general table accessory layout.

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